Welcome to Our Blog

Wolf River Consulting Group draws its name and inspiration from the Wolf River (Mahwaew-Sēpēw) that rushes through and feeds the land and the people of the Menominee Indian Nation of Wisconsin. With respect to our namesake, we offer culturally respectful and client-centered services in communication, evaluation and research, and technical assistance. Our aim for the Blog: to engage, inform, and be responsive to the questions and concerns that are important and timely for the community. Through this work, we seek to encourage sustainable growth and health in Indigenous urban and tribal communities.

The Wolf River Consulting Blog offers an exciting venue to share what we are doing and what others in our community are developing. The Blog will present new information on locally effective practices and strategies and offer insights on new findings and data in health, education, and the environment. Together with our readers, we will present effective methods of incorporating Indigenous perspectives in social media, share relevant research findings and what they mean to program development, review some of the exciting publications you just might have missed, and provide links to engaging and useful websites.

Through these and other topic areas, we will utilize this Blog to foster and promote the effective practices that support the wellbeing of Indigenous people. Let us know what you want to hear about!