Wolf River Consulting Selected to Present at the 2019 Urban Native Education Conference

Wolf River Consulting has been selected to present at the Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative’s 3rd Annual 2019 Urban Native Education Conference, “Nurturing Our Knowledge Keepers” in Chicago, IL on May 4, 2019. Dr. Tommy Begay of the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine and Wolf River’s Managing Partner, Kim Vigue will conduct an interactive workshop to address intergenerational/historical trauma and its impact on child development and learning and provide participants a full understanding of the psychological and physiological implications of prolonged stress on the child’s behavioral well-being and educational achievement. It will look at how Indigenous spiritual philosophies and practices have traditionally provided the foundation for behavior, responsibility, and integration into the community and what intergenerational trauma has done to disrupt that continuity and practice. The workshop will show how the adverse childhood experiences of Indigenous students experiencing this kind of trauma limits their academic experience. This session offers suggestions for services and supports that can help educators and parents better understand, address, and overcome the multifaceted impact of trauma.  For more information about this workshop or to take part in this conference please visit: visit: https://chicagoaicc.com/2019caicceduconference/